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The Crime Update
« on: January 05, 2018, 08:28:37 pm »
It's finally here!  An update to bring some life back into harbor that has been needed since it was made back in 2011.  Actual reasons for crime!
This update includes:

- Drugs

- Weapons
*The USAS 12 (Semi Auto)
*The Glock 20 (Full auto)
*The KAC PDW (CG only)
*The Taser (CG Only)
*The M16 acog (CG only)

- Some new immersive tech for the server!
*The ability to see weapons on players and some other fixes.

For those who have been waiting and are disappointed that the update is not the map, this will explain why.

Since we started working on the new map and converting things over to it, we have hit some snags.  These snags are many in amounts and severity of the issues.
These snags being that our primary coder Link has left us and I Bish have had to fill his shoes.  I am not nearly as well versed in code but I am slowly figuring out what he has rewritten on the original code for the server.  We are currently having trouble rewriting his code to allow us to place the NPCs on the new map.  We are also having the map fixed via Statua.  He is polishing the many flaws of the previous version of the map and making a whole new experience.

The map update WILL come.  It will just be a little bit longer to wait.  However, I am going to try and clean the gamemode up while also attempting to provide more content for you guys to enjoy while we sort out the many issues we are having.

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