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RP Event
« on: August 28, 2018, 04:47:06 pm »
First things first, everyone who is interested in doing this needs to put [HRP] into their name so we can try and get more people on the server.  The more people, the more fun this will be.

Ok, so the idea is to have a cult.  I and the admins will be the cult leaders.  The cult name is "The Cult of Meat".  The cult is built around the premise of praising and worshiping raw flesh and cannibalism.

To start the event I will be getting on this weekend and setting up the basics and do the "Recruiting" phase and I will appoint the leaders and do an in person layout of the cults fundamentals and main goal.  I will also explain how players should act if they are to take the side of the cult. 

This event will only be active when admins that are willing to take part are on and are allowing it.   However, you can RP that you are in it, but you cannot do things outside of the posted main rules of the server.  This meaning, when the event is active with proper and willing staff on, certain rules will be allowed to be bent to a degree to allow for a more fitting experience.  This will be explained better whenever the event starts this weekend.

I am hoping we can get plenty of players on to enjoy what is possible to come from this.

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