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How to Receive Registration Benefits
« on: March 28, 2017, 02:04:46 am »
We have created a system that will award you for registering on our forums. It's a pretty simple concept. Basically, you register on the forums, go in-game and type !reward in chat, then click on "Refresh Status" and the benefits instantly come your way. I know there will be some questions on how it all works so I will address a few below.

How does it work?:

When you register on the forums, near the bottom, you are asked to put in your Steam ID. The script reads from that in a sense. When you open the menu and hit the refresh button, it will send a request through the web server and get information based on your Steam ID in-game. If it returns that the Steam ID is registered on a forum account then it will return yes, otherwise it returns nothing. Then the server in-game will read through that and if it verifies it all successfully, you receive your benefits.

What are the current benefits?:

The current benefits are as follows:

- If you are non-ranked (Non-donator, non-staff, etc), you will be presented with a "Member" rank in-game.
- $15,000 in-game instantly
- Access to the AdvDupe tool

I thought AdvDupe was a donator-only thing:

Not anymore.

What do I do if I counter any issues with anything?:

Contact me or Billy.