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Title: Matthew Green (Rushoxpurge) | staff application
Post by: Matthew Green (Viserion) on August 03, 2019, 07:25:01 pm
Role-Play Name: Matthew Green
SteamID:  STEAM_0:0:132256450
Steam Name: RushoxPurge
Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198224778628

Reason for applying:

i want to become staff on HRP to put my self out there in the community as someone who is helpful. I have played Garry's mod for a long time now and spent a lot of the time on HRP as to me it is the best server. Being staff on HRP would give me experience and team work. I want to also give back to the people of HRP for always helping me and to do this i want to become a staff member. i want to help staff out by being active. i want to be apart of HRP community as i have seen it is a fun place to be , i also want to help out with the people that are on there own when no staff are on. i want to help keep the players happy in anyway possible from helping new players to explaining rules to people who are unsure of the rules. I am a active player and i feel like i could step up and be more helpful.

Past experience:

-DarkRP Moderator - (Apollo Gaming) - Server Shut Down

-CloneWarsRP Moderator - (Warden Networks) -  Game-mode Changed

-ImperialRP Administrator - (Warden Networks) - Server Shut Down

Personal skills:

 i will bring dedication, respect, kindness, activeness and helpfulness. i will bring 100% effort into every sit i do. I will follow every rule and never use my powers in a way which is not staff. I will always here both sides of a story before coming up with my final thought , and before giving out the punishment i will check logs. however after the punishment is given out i will explain and justify my reason to give the punishment. i will bring kindness to my staff by always helping out with old and new players if needed and will explain to new players how to play.  i will also be kind to other players and staff. i currently have 1,301 hours in Gmod so i know how to build.

Requested positions: Admin

In detail, explain how your involvement will benefit the community:

The only benefit i can think of is that i am from the UK some normally when other people are asleep i am awake. this will make it so their is nearly all the time a admin online. apart from that i have no idea what to add to this section of my application.