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Smuggling Illegal Goods
« on: February 28, 2017, 12:08:15 am »
These are illegal items, if the Coast Guards capture you, there will be consequences!!!

The first step is to get a boat.  Whether you build one with props or buy one, it doesn't matter.  Once you have obtained a boat, go to the Blue Harbor (North East of Red Harbor). 

  • Find the Blue Harobr 's Black Market Dealer NPC next to the garages on the ramp.
  • Talk to the NPC by opening the menu with E to view all available items
  • Buy a package and set it on your boat, tap E to lock it in place (only locks to Dock Master's boats)
  • Sail back to Red Harbor. Drop off NPC is located near the Light House, on the ramp
  • Tap E on the package again to unfreeze and place next to the NPC.
  • Talk to Red Harbor's Black Market Dealer NPC, click Sell on the item your turning in.

IMPORTANT : Do not let the goods touch the water or they will be ruined. You will lose the money you spent on the package.

*After you or somebody else smuggles an item, there will be a timer on it before it can be bought again.