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Artifact Hunting
« on: February 27, 2017, 11:52:47 pm »
Step 1: Gather materials
You will need
-Boat (Built or Bought)
-Diving Equipment (Found on Island Resort Runway)
-Est. Price 6k(Buying the Airboat 5k, Gear itself about 1k inluding refills)

 Step 2:
Where to go?

Going to the center of the ocean, near the deep parts, going to sunken ships, around the Oil Rig and near Harbors.
All are on the Sea floor spawn artifacts, so scan all areas

Step 3:
Getting the Artifacts, and returning

In this step you found the Artifacts, but what is the best way to retrieve them? Well, since the Artifact Box has more density than water, it sinks. You can just scoop them up into the box with a scuba suit on or a submarine.

Step 4:
Profiting, and repeating.

Here is where you collected a huge amount of Artifacts, and will return to the Islands. Ether rope the Artifact Box to your boat build a cargo holder for it using a design that best fits for your needs

The prices differ on the type of artifact, check the NPC for prices

Good luck hunters!