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DarkRP Server Rules
« on: February 06, 2019, 08:11:12 pm »
-Rules of the server:
1*Do not RDM.
2*Do not minge.
3*Follow FearRP

R1*Single person raids are allowed, but not encouraged.
R2*You do not have to advert or yell raid while raiding.
R3*While raiding, Fear RP comes into play. Keep a gun on the defenders and order them around so they do not run for a gun or help if they are unarmed
R4*Do not steal over counter, say as if someone just bought a gun and you go up and take it before they can grab it, that is a No-No. Do not do it. You also cannot take the money when he is giving it to the vendor behind the counter.
R5*No mugging in public.  This means not to mug in front of a bunch of other players or NPC's of any sort.
R6*Max mugging limit is $1000 per person, you may only mug that person every 25 minutes.
R7*You may only raid the same base every 15 minutes. Other than that specific base, or a base prior raided by you, you may raid others.

B1*No kill boxes, the people raiding need to be able to shoot back at you.
B2*You are allowed 3 fading door/keypad combos. Whether it be 3 fading doors on one keypad and 1 button, it does not matter. As long as you have 2 keypads per set or 1 keypad with 1 button.
B3*You may build outside of your base, so long as it does not block main roads or passages.
B4*Fading doors have to be set to toggle.
B5*No killing machines, like trap doors that kill you or bridges that once cracked or opened... killing the person on them.
B6*No fading door stacking. This is when you take two props, side by side, and stack the fading doors with each prop having a different binding of keys and keypads.
B7*You may block off doors and windows as long as there is ONE way into the base you own.
B8*You may not have it to where you HAVE to crouch to get into a base. You can, however, have it so they have to crouch to shoot back. Meaning you cannot make it so the only way in is by crouching under something in order to get through.
B9*Build realistic, no floating bases or rooms.
B10*Secondary entrances are allowed to force players to crouch to get through.  The primary entrance may not force you to crouch.
B11*Bases may only have 3 fading doors and one vault.  No more than that are allowed per base.
B12*Door tool doors count as fading doors.  You cannot exceed 3 player made doors.
B13*KOS signs are permitted but can only be placed on your own property.

-OOC/General RP:
OP1*Follow fear RP. Fear RP is when you have a gun pointed at you and you may not pull a gun at any point unless he/she turns or is interrupted by any other aspect around that person.
OP2*No racism or disrespect in OOC.
OP3*Porn sprays are not ok. 
OP4*You must wait 5 minutes for NLR to end.
OP5*Do not fail RP, such as scream over the mic or spam chat.
OP6*If an admin tells you to stop. Stop.
OP7*If you are caught abusing in any sort of way, such as hacking or spawning items to your own benefit such as guns or glitching guns, you will be banned for 2 days, we will warn you and take the items before we do.
OP8*Do not prop push, prop climb, prop block or anything of the sort.
OP9*No heated arguments of any sort in OOC.

PM1*Cops need probable cuase to raid, you may call for a warrant if you see any illegal items, this includes printers, guns, drugs and other illegal things.
PM2*Cops may not combat arrest, this means if you have a gun pulled on you as a cop you must follow fear rp, meaning you may not pull out an arrest stick and simply slap them on the wrist. You may also not pull a gun on them unless you have an opportunity, this does not mean you can just pull it out when they are facing you, they have to turn their back.
PM3*Governor can have any gun he wants, as long as his laws allow the owning of such gun, cops are exempt from laws persuading guns.
PM4*Governor cannot join raids. But he can watch them.
PM5*Police and paramedics are not allowed to base any where other than the PD or the EMS spawn.

D1*No scamming, such as weapon prices being way over priced. Prices should only go up to 4x what they are in the menu.
D2*If you are caught changing to dealer to buy guns and then change back within 10 mins you will be kicked/banned and will not get a refund.
D3*You need a shop, unless you are black market. If you are black market we encourage nice inventive RP shops like in alleys or the back of trucks.

-Player Mafia/orgs:
G1*If you demand protection money from other players shops, you can only take the mugging limit.

-Bounty Hunter:
HM1*Be realistic, don't suicide to get a hit... such as running into a room full of cops to shoot one person.
HM2*Don't take hits on the same person over and over.
HM3*You do not have to advert hit accepted or complete. The player who had the hit on them will know when you kill them.

MC1*The USMC forces are not police.  They can help the police but cannot start raids.  They may only help the police in raids.
MC2*The USMC may base, but they may only base in one area that the Sergeant deems good/sets up himself.
MC3*The USMC may not do illegal things like grow weed, cook meth or LSD.  They may not have money printers either.  They however can keep weapons collected from raids where they help the police.
MC4*The USMC may not purchase guns unless the Sergeant says otherwise.

-General Guidlines
FearRP - FearRP is a term used to convey realistic RP standards.  This meaning that if you "the victim, or person being held at gunpoint or any other form of intimidation", are being commanded around with force of any sort.  You must comply or face being shot.  It is not RDM if you fail to comply and you have no say to defend yourself.  This includes being mugged, raided or taken hostage.  There are more things that fit this category.  Failure to abide this guideline hurts the RP experience of both parties, there for please try and work ways around being controlled if you decide to not comply with the force holder.  AKA, be creative when dealing with a hostile RP situation.
CDM/Road rules - When driving, drive on the Right side of the road.  Directional.   Try avoiding players that are in the road when driving.  Failure to do so, aka aiming for a player on purpose with no reason other than to hit them, will result in punishment.  You may only kill another player with a vehicle if you are being attacked by said player, or are helping in some sort of raid.  This includes ramming another car of the road to get items from within said vehicle or to disable said car to rob the people driving it.

DISCLAIMER - By clicking accept and or closing out of the MOTD/rule board, you accept that you are possible to be banned for ANY rule breaking incident or for simply being a problem for the community.  If you have made any purchase with REAL world money $USD or something different like bitcoin, you are not subject to a refund unless said item is not provided initially as per the purchase of said item.  This meaning, if you are banned for any reason and are not allowed to return to the server for any rule infringement of the rules, you are not subject to refund and don't have the say so to get any sort of refund or unban.

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