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Fishing Guide (Getting Started)
« on: February 27, 2017, 11:39:03 pm »
    To begin fishing out at sea, you must first own or craft a boat. Then, find the Fishing NPC located at either Red or Blue Harbor's beach.

     -- Big Fishing Pot ($2000):

    Requires Fishing Boat to use.
    Can catch up to 20 fish.
    Needs 1 fishing bait every time you want to catch more fish.

     -- Big Fishing Net ($1650):

    Requires Fishing Boat to use.
    Can catch up to 15 fish.
    Does not require bait.

     -- Medium Fishing Pot ($420):

    Great starting gear, does not require a fishing boat.
    Can catch up to 10 fish.
    Needs 1 fishing bait every time you want to catch more fish.

     -- Fish Container ($250):

    Used to collect your captured fish.
    Put it near the net/pot and press E on them it to collect the fish.

     -- Fish Bait ($45):

    Used inside fishing pots and stored inside your inventory.

    Getting Started with Medium Pots

    • Purchase 1 - 3 Medium Fishing Pot, Fishing Container and some Bait (bait goes into inventory)
    • Rope the pot and container to the back of your boat (air-boat works fine)
    • In the ocean, you must construct a base to deploy the gear from (add walls and use Door Tool)
    • From this, un-rope your fishing gear and set it where you want to start fishing
    • Place bait into the pot by using F4 > Inventory > Drop Fish Bait. Press E and select Deploy Fishing Pot
    • After you deploy, place the pot into the water and lock-up your gear. Wait about 10 - 15 min to collect
    • After that, collect your fish by setting next to the container, press E on the pot, click Collect Fish.
    • Once collected, re-bait the pots. Then rope your containers to your boat and bring them back to the Fishing NPC
    • Do not empty the container. Press E on the NPC & click Sell. Repeat

    Getting Started with Large Pots / Nets

    • Spawn the Fishing Boat from the Dock Master (large gear is only for this boat)
    • Purchase 1 - 3 Large Fishing Pot or Large Net, Fishing Containers and some Bait (gear spawn on the boat)
    • Place the containers on the boat, tap E, click Tie Down. This secures the gear to the boat
    • Drive out to the ocean and stop somewhere safe. If using nets, immediate press E on them, click Deploy
    • For large pots, construct a dock aside your Fishing Boat and deploy after baiting the gear.
    • After deploying the nets, constantly drive around to catch fish. Backing-up to any beach helps collect
    • After deploying the pots, wait about 20 - 25 min before collecting. Buoy must be at the stern
    • Press E on the buoy and click Retrieve. This places the gear back on the Fishing Boat
    • Once the gear is retrieved out of the water, collect the fish into the containers, re-bait and deploy

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