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Harbor Roleplay Rules
« on: February 27, 2017, 10:45:00 pm »
General Server Rules

Common Sense

- Although this rules list is extensive, it isn't exhaustive, therefore just because a rule is not specified does not mean it is not implied.
- If you are uncertain of something and you think it may be against the rules, don't do it because it probably is.
- Do not mug/steal from new players. If someone joins a server, spends their money on fishing gear, and gets it stolen 5 minutes later, do you think they're gonna keep playing? Probably not. Without new players HRP wouldn't exist.
- Do not ever take matters into your own hands. If someone is breaking a rule, report them to an administrator.
- Disconnecting to avoid a ban won't work as administrators have access to forum and offline banning features, and will only increase your ban time dramatically.
- The /demote command is only to be used when a player is breaking the rules, do not abuse it!
- Do not disconnect to avoid roleplay situations, such as a mugging
- Do not reveal admins using a disguise in any way. Cooperate with them if you know of their identity.
- Do not help other players to answer the entry quiz in order to be a Coast Guard.  Doing so will result in a permanent ban.


- Do not exploit the gamemode/server in any form, be it by glitch or abuse of a flaw found in the gamemode, instead it should be reported in the Bug Reports sections. (exploits should be directly PM'd to staff)
- Use of any kind of cheat is not allowed and anyone deemed to be cheating will be permanently banned.
- Pricing a weapon and running around trying to get people to accidentally press use on it is considered exploiting. If someone manages to buy it, they must refund the money or face being banned.
- Do not use the pricing system to make fake descriptions such as "Airsoft AK47".
- Do not attempt to bypass the AFK system to farm paychecks.
- Do not scam people.  This includes over-pricing your weapons above a reasonable amount, tricking people into dropping money, etc.
- Don't abuse the /kill command as a donator, this may lead to a demotion.
- Microwaves should not be priced above $100.  Otherwise, it is considered scamming.


- Administrators (or "admins") are there to provide you with a more enjoyable role-playing experience.
- It is advised that you do not argue with administrators, although if there is a dispute, be civil and calm about the situation.
- If you feel like giving administrators grief, then don't because they're not here to, and won't, take your shit.
- Asking administrators for money is pointless as they cannot, and therefore won't, give you any.
- Do not ask for an admin position, we choose players to become admins when we see them helping people, being respectful, and generally being a good role model.

Our Role-Play Rules

General RolePlay

- When walking around, you should have your Keys out instead of your Physics/Gravity/Tool gun. (unless you are using it)
- Do not ruin passive roleplay, only includes shops not selling anything illegal.
- CrimeRP in Red Harbor is only permitted when it is night time(22:00-04:00). The sewers are exempt from this rule. (excludes smuggling, selling illegal guns, etc)
- Areas can not be claimed KOS. (kill on sight)
- You are only allowed to fish or grow plants as Citizen.
- No one is forced to roll-play (Use of /roll). If someone does not want to participate in /roll, then don't depend on it to resolve a RP situation.

RDM Is Prohibited

- RDM (Random Death-Matching) is killing another player randomly for no legitimate RP reason, or in a scenario that could have been sorted out in another way.
- Legitimate RP reasons include saving your own/a friend's life. (although FearRP must be taken into account too)
- You should not kill a player if they, for example, have stolen from your shop. Call the Coast Guard about this, or an admin if the player is breaking a rule.
- Mass RDM (shooting lots of people randomly), will earn you a much lengthier, possibly permanent, ban
- It is required that you have a valid RP reason when assassinating the mayor/coast guard commander. "I want their job" does not count as a valid RP reason.

Do Not Break NLR

- NLR (New Life Rule) is the concept that when you have died, you do not remember anything other than who you are, and where you live.
- You are not allowed back to your place of death until BOTH 7 minutes after re-spawning, AND the situation causing you to die (e.g. a raid) is completely finished.
- If were killed by an OOC (Out-Of-Character) event, such as a prop killing you, then NLR does not apply to this situation.


- Fear RP is defined as doing what you would do in fear for your life. Breaking Fear RP includes, but is not limited to, walking away from gunpoint, failing to follow reasonable orders (for unreasonable orders, contact an admin), and shooting someone who has a gun on you.

- FearRP is where you role-play being scared/afraid for the safety of your life.
- If another player has pulled a weapon on you, you should act as if it is real life. (which mostly involves following the orders of the attacker otherwise you risk being shot etc.)
- You are not to pull out your own weapon to shoot an attacker if they have their weapon pointed at you, or are very close to you.
- Fear RP also applies if you are being arrested.


- CrimeRP is a term which incorporates all illegal activities on the server, such as mugging, raiding, stealing etc.
- You may not mug more than $2,500 in one in-game day. (24 in-game hours)
- You may not camp/hang around the Black Market NPC at Blue Harbor to mug or steal other people's goods.
- When attempting to steal peoples' packages, you must attempt to mug the player for them, and only shoot at them if it is a last resort.
- You may only mug the equivalent of, or less than, $1,000 from a player in one sitting. Packages, shipments, etc do not apply to this rule.
- Only citizens can do crimeRP. Every job has it's respective duties - do your job or don't take it to begin with.
- You are not allowed to mug people in plain public. Such as busy places or areas where you have a clear line of sight to an NPC. Take them to private places (indoors) instead.
- Packages cannot be stolen or destroyed in the Red or Blue harbor zones.
- Do not excessively mug / raid. This includes mugging the same person over and over, wait one in-game day. Mugging as many people as you can isn't allowed. There's no set limits, use common sense. Mugging one or two people in the time span of a few hours is okay - mugging ten is not.
- When mugging someone, give the victim a chance to fearRP/react to your actions. Giving them only 5 seconds to drop something before you shoot them is not right!
- Contract killers (hitmen) are not allowed under any circumstance. You may not kill someone for payment.
- When holding someone hostage, you can demand no more than $1,500 for each hostage.
- You cannot mug or steal a new player's property.
- If you are arrested, do not stall.  Resistance ends when you are arrested.
- Do not intentionally provoke officers into arresting you.  This is considered Fail RP.
- During non-crime time hours, you may only shoot cops during a raid. (like a gun store).

Prop use and Abuse

- Prop Abuse includes prop-killing, prop-surfing, prop-blocking, prop-pushing, and prop-spamming.
- Similarly, if your props are causing the server to lag by colliding, having large contraptions with lots of constraints, or other method, then they will be removed.
- Do not add ridiculously fast thrusters to prop boats, keep thrusters at a realistic speed (Should not go faster than an airboat).
- Make sure your base is always reachable from ground level. So either staircases, or elevators with visible buttons.
- If your prop built 'base' has prop based doors, it must have visible buttons to open and close them.
- Do not use thrusters on your custom built boat when you are not in the driver seat. Ex: Don't stand on the shore, and sail your boat around.
- This isn't sandbox. Do not use/build/whatever anything unrealistic that doesn't fit within Harbor Roleplay theme.
- When basing and building barricades, at least 25% of your body must be exposed or it is considered exploiting.
- All props must be completely opaque.  You may not build a base with invisible or semi-transparent walls.
- When an admin asks you to remove a certain something with a good reason, do so.
- Do not grab other players radios just to dump them in the ocean/destroy them.
- NPCs must be accessible by everyone at all times.  Blocking any avenue of approach, either by props or by doors, will be considered prop blocking.

Additional Doors

- Do not buy doors/properties that you do not need. This includes buying them to resell.
- You are only allowed one additional door (by door tool/lockable button) in your house. This includes both safes and extra rooms. This means only one door can be between your stuff and the outside. Obviously multiple separate doors are fine. As long as you only have to go through one of them to reach your stuff.
- Don't place prop doors right inside original doors.
- Do not claim and/or block off entire areas of the map such as but not limited to blue harbor or the islands. This falls under owning multiple unused properties which is not allowed. If you want a huge base, make one in the ocean.

Role-play Names

- A proper roleplaying name is required on this server, which you will be forced to do on your first time entering the server.
- You must have a first and last name, as you would in real life.
- Celebrity and other 'dumb' names are forbidden and will result in you being forced to either change your name or be banned.

Boats, Helicopters & Fishing

- If your vehicle is causing the server to lag and an administrator asks you to remove it, do as instructed.
- You are not permitted to use or make any flying vehicles other than the helicopters sold to you by the NPC.
- Fishing is only allowed if you are a citizen. Every other job has specific things to be doing, and money farming is not one of them.
- Fishing pots, nets and containers are not to be stolen within the Red Harbor zone.
- Constraints are only allowed to be used on fishing equipment and vehicles during transportation, and must be afterwards and during roleplay situations when asked.
- All vehicles and fishing gear must be visible. This means no color tool invisibility or effects such as holographic and strobe.
- Do not add thrusters to buyable vehicles.
- Do not prop/constrain block your fishing supplies and vehicles to avoid getting them stolen.
- To preserve server coherence, please do not use more than 10 props when constructing boats.  Entities (thrusters, seats, etc) don't count.
- If your boat/helicopter is stolen, do not just reclaim it.  This is considered Fail RP.


- Only music and talking(Comedy, talkshows, etc) may be played through the radio. Sounds like constant screaming, loud, or annoying noises are not permitted.

Chat Rules

OOC Talking

- OOC (Out-Of-Character) chat is to be preceded by the /ooc or // command.
- This applies to both voice and text chat. However, during admin situations this rule can be temporarily voided.
- If you abuse voice chat, it will get you blacklisted from using it. To get it back, you will have to reapply for it on the forum.
- Do not use Out-Of-Character chat for In-Character purposes.  For example, if someone says in OOC that they are smuggling and you are a Coast Guard, you cannot warrant them for that. This is known as meta-gaming.

Use The /report Feature

- Rather than complaining about players breaking rules in OOC chat. Example: /report I need help baiting my fishing gear.
- When using /report, use as much info as possible. The more info, the faster you will be helped. Simply 'admin to me' will most likely be ignored.

Coast Guard Rules

- If you are within the Red Harbor zone you may not arrest a smuggler until after they have sold their package.
- Do not randomly arrest people.  Force them to get on a wall under Fear RP and arrest them after informing them why they are being arrested.


- Using your firearms should be a last resort in a situation, try to chase and contain the player first before using lethal tactics.
- As Coast Guard, ONLY have your weapon out as LAST resort. So don't walk around Red Harbor with your weapon out.
- Only use the weapons given to you upon joining the job, no external firearms are permitted for use.


- You must have a good reason to warrant someone. Unless you have proof, don't warrant someone. A good reason is that you know they're selling or holding illegal items, or something of the kind.

Islands & Blue Harbor

- Coast Guards cannot visit the islands or Blue Harbor as part of their patrol, and may only visit them if called there via a 911 call.
- The only exception to the above rule is if you are chasing someone in the ocean and they flee to Blue Harbor or the Islands.  In either case, you are not allowed to stay any longer than you need to.

Going rogue/corrupt

- You are not allowed to go rogue/be corrupt as a Coast Guard.

Mayor Rules


- As the mayor, you are not allowed to purchase or own weapons.
- Black Market Dealer items are automatically illegal and you may not legalize any item that the Black Market Dealer sells.

Islands & Blue Harbor

- The mayor cannot visit the islands or Blue Harbor, and may only visit them if he is needed in a roleplayed negotiation or kidnapping.

Going rogue/corrupt

- You are not allowed to be corrupt as a mayor.

Rebelling against the mayor

- You may only rebel against the mayor if you do not like his/her policies.  Illegitimate reasons include "I don't like his/her face", "His taste in music sucks", "He/she's a fail mayor", or any other vague/stupid reason.
- Before you rebel, you must petition the mayor to change his/her policies.  This can be done over SMS or in person.
- If the mayor refuses to reform after you have asked nicely, then you may kidnap him/her and force him/her at gunpoint to change his/her policies.
- Unlike with normal Fear RP, the mayor is able to refuse to be intimidated.  If he/she does so, then the rebels are free to assassinate him/her.

Gun Dealer Rules


- Ensure you do your job by setting up a shop somewhere, advertising it, and actually selling guns to people, otherwise you may be demoted. Gun Dealers are NOT allow to fish, grow fruit or commit crimes against players. Scamming is punishable and not taken lightly.

Black Market Dealer Rules

Do Your Job

- Try to ensure that you sell people what they want when they ask for it instead of AFKing somewhere and holding up an available job position. Black Market Dealers are NOT allow to fish, grow fruit or commit crimes against players. EVERYTHING that you SELL as BMD can spawn is illegal.  The mayor cannot legalize any of the BMD items. Scamming is punishable and not taken lightly.

Trusted Rank Rules

- Only ban for serious issues; mass RDM, prop abuse or disruptive behavior.
- Do not ban for RP scenarios you didn't witness, get evidence. This includes fearRP, isolated RDM or disputes in OOC
- If a player is refusing to cooperate, add them to the watch list before issuing the ban.
- Being trusted does not exempt you from the server rules. Do not abuse the position!

Administrator Rules

- Being an administrator does not allow you to break any of the above rules under any circumstance.
- The Godstick is there to aid you, not to be abused.
- Administrators are not above normal players. They should/will be treated just like anyone else - they are only to use their powers for enforcing rules.
- You are not invulnerable to demotion or being banned - you are here to ensure that others are abiding by the rules, so set a good example for them to follow.
- Do not authorize any roleplay you are directly involved in, such as allowing a player/yourself to become a rogue Coast Guard.
- You have the right to pause roleplay that you are currently involved in if a situation that requires and administrator present occurs.


The owner of Harbor-Roleplay.net reserves the right to modify, add or remove any rule stated on this page. Any modifications will be put into immediate effect from the moment the updated page goes live on Harbor-Roleplay.net and you, as the player, will be the one held accountable for negligence of any of these rules, and the relevant punishment dealt due to this. It is advised that you check these rules often as they may be revised at any time, with or without warning, in case of any modifications made which you are unaware of.

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