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Scavenger System Guide
« on: June 06, 2017, 11:00:20 pm »
The Scavenger system is a simple system once you learn how it works. Here is how!

What's the general idea of the addon?

Basically, you buy a Junk Box from the Junk Guy NPC at the Islands and then scavenge along the Ocean's surface for different crates that contain different loot and then box these into your Junk Box where you can optionally discard anything or everything you have in it for something better or whatever other reason you may have. Once you feel you have a sufficient level of loot, take it back to the Junk Guy where you can then sell anything or everything in the box for a certain price marked. The Junk Box has a certain slot limit of how much stuff you can pack into it, so pack stuff that you feel is valuable enough to take!

Sounds good! How do I start?

Head over to the Islands (East from Red Harbor and South from Blue Harbor) to the Island that is the closest to the border, but not the small Island that has the Scuba Gear NPC on it. (Refer to the picture)

Once you locate the NPC, go up to him and press E on him. You can then buy the Junk Box. Once you do that, go out to sea and search for Scavenge Boxes. They have many different shapes and sizes. You can find out if it's a Scavenge Box by looking at your DPP info panel or going up to the box and hitting your use bind on it (Normally E) and then seeing if a menu has popped up. From there, you can choose to take certain items or all items from the crate. After everything is taken from the box, the box will destroy itself. Scavenge Boxes will degrade over time and eventually destroy themselves, however, more boxes will spawn overtime.

Nice! How do I report any issues I may have or suggest something?

Please refer all of those sorts of issues to the post on the forums (https://forums.harbor-roleplay.net/index.php?topic=236). Copy and paste the link if it doesn't work. You can also get in direct contact with ‎ () over Steam, in-game, or on the forums by order of a personal message (PM).

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