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Title: Barzetti Unincorporated
Post by: Homer Barzetti (homeowner) on June 17, 2017, 01:04:11 pm
Barzetti Unincorporated

Founded by Homer Barzetti, one man's image was to create a organization full of mercenaries and hard working men and women to provide assistance to those who have the money. Barzetti Unincorporated can be defined as pirates and sometimes the good guys. If the price is right, Barzetti's men and women will escort and secure anybody who is trying to make a honest living in the harbor without being raided by pirates. They are armed with heavy weaponry and fast boats and helicopters and will treat their clients like VIP on Airforce One. Maybe you don't need protection and you need a band of raiders to steal something. Barzetti Unincorporated is not a hit-squad, but they will pillage for the right pay.